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wildlife exclusion specialists.

411 Wildlife Solutions is the company to call first to ensure truly humane assistance with "nuisance" wildlife conflicts. We specialize in raccoons, however, we offer services and/or referrals for almost all wildlife species via a statewide network of humane wildlife professionals and services.

At 411 our mission is simple: Resolve your conflict utilizing 21st Century methods that very few companies want to use or know how to properly. No respectable wildlife conflict solution today involves charging for removing animals beyond getting them out of the structure or area that they shouldn't be in and preventing recurrence.

The word "humane" is thrown around a lot. Please do NOT believe anyone who tells you they are humane until you know what all the options are and which ones really are humane. Most companies use fear tactics to get your business, it happens every single day and all it does is make the company richer, you poorer, and the animals suffer terribly.

Today it is nearly impossible to find "pest control" (aka Trappers) that provide honest, long-term results. Hey! We love referrals but we do NOT want you as a repeat customer because we left you vulnerable to another conflict in near future! To ensure this we make sure every detail that created your conflict in the first place is resolved to prevent future conflicts.

Looking for longterm humane solutions, without the scare tactics?

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