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Effective, Affordable Wildlife Control is here!
Our services are effective, long lasting, and they are the only genuinely humane solutions to your wildlife problems. We offer the lowest rates, free consultations, and a referral network to other providers to ensure comprehensive solutions. And, because we ensure that your wildlife problem is solved for the long term, we also save you money.

Wildlife Trapping is an expensive, temporary ‘band-aid’ that simply does not actually resolve your conflict at all. Beware of “humane” companies claiming wildlife removal will resolve conflicts. Indiscriminate removal is even proven to cause the counter-effect by artificially increasing reproduction rates and population density of many species, especially coyotes and raccoons.

 Conventional “trap & remove” practices, by the very laws of Nature itself, are doomed to repeatedly fail.

Raccoon removal, or any wildlife removal, can be done without the need for traps, poisons or any harm done to your property or the animals. Protect your home from future damage and unwanted guests, not just your present ones. Want some free tips? Please check out our other pages and our “FAQ’s” page for common questions and solutions.

Our 21st Century science-based practices are how we serve and protect consumers today.

Our mission is to protect consumers by offering you a comprehensive consultation on what options are available to you, what the real risks, costs and benefits are, and how choosing the most appropriate methods will protect you, your wallet and your property. We empower you, not fear-monger you, enabling you to make informed choices that can prevent the native wildlife from being injured, orphaned or harmed. It’s a win-win for all when the best choices are made. It’s just that simple.

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