Prevention is Key


An Ounce of Prevention…

More than just eliminating food sources that are attracting wildlife we need to closely inspect our structures for flaws, openings or any other vulnerable spot that could result in an intrusion.

Just as we install good locks on our doors against human intrusions, screens to keep bugs out and fences to protect pets and children, we need to protect the rest of our home from wildlife intrusions as well – preferably before that occurs!


Protect your home diagram

Your property was once “the woods”, now your attic is a haven perceived as safe from the weather and predators. It’s up to you to secure your territory against your wild neighbors. In turn, wildlife populations will manage and regulate better. Nature ensures this. As true wildlife exclusion specialists, 411 Wildlife is able to provide preventative solutions before intrusions can occur. 

Our services start as low as $50 for basic inspections (always credited to any additional services we do for you). We will provide all labor and materials to properly repair and/or prevent future conflict, or work with you (or your own handyman) to ensure proper precautions, materials and fasteners are applied.


Attic vents are critter doorways. Never repair this without consulting a wildlife exclusion specialist first — NOT a trapper and NOT a pest company. There IS a difference today and that difference is why this company was created.

We will see spots like this before an impending intrusion occurs. If there is any chance an animal could be in there we can help you confirm there is NOT before repairs are properly made. We can even help you do this over the phone, and are happy to.

Every single day homeowners see a torn vent like this and either close it without confirming their attic is critter free, or they hire a trapper or bug exterminating company – who puts some FOOD in a trap, attracts who-knows-what-nearby-animal and takes it away. Was that even an animal that was near you attic before she smelled the food? Are there babies still in there? Did he catch the right female, or is there still a mother in your attic who is about to tear it apart or die in there after you seal her in?

THIS is what Exclusion Experts are trained to determine, and why you must know the species you are dealing with!


Choosing a pest bug company or a “nwco” animal trapper over a real wildlife specialist?

Is like going to a foot doctor for your toothache.

Or asking a plumber to fix your car…

Or a …. well, you get the picture.

The experts at 411 Raccoon Solutions have researched, rescued, lived with and rehabilitated raccoons and other wildlife species for over a decade AND are qualified wildlife solutions experts. It is why this company was created. No other company in Florida has more hands on hours logged in every capacity and scenario imaginable with raccoons than we do! We are committed to 21st century science-based solutions; NOT quick-fixes and unnecessary fees.


We make it easier to resolve wildlife issues. Why?

Because what is best for wildlife is actually what is best for you, too!

Realtor and Senior discounts gladly provided.

411 Raccoon Solutions accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, and conventional payment options.

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