Exclusion Vs. Trapping?


Wait!  Do you really need a nuisance wildlife trapper? Do you for certain know the answer to this question:  “Will a trapper actually resolve my wildlife problem, or simply provide temporary relief?”

Property owners today have options for wildlife conflict resolution, options that work better, last longer and actually cost less.

Wildlife conflicts happen. We need our wildlife professionals when they do, but we also need 21st Century solutions and professionals that abide by the research that has proven that indiscriminately removing wildlife does not resolve conflicts.

As long as whatever attracted, or allowed the intrusion of the animals in the first place remains, whether we remove one animal or 15, we have just lit a big neon sign over the area that reads to the wildlife as this:

“VACANCY! Come on in new animals… Coast is clear and everything you need is still here!”

Makes sense, huh? We know that Nature abhors a vacuum, but what does that mean to your property, your attic, your neighborhood? It means something we are not often told:

Wildlife populations are dictated by food supply and habitat, and in many cases with urban wildlife species there is another seldom told fact:  Population size can also be artificially increased by indiscriminate killing/ removing of animals.

Great for business if you’re in the trapping business of indiscriminately removing or killing these species for unknowing consumers. Not so good if you, that misinformed consumer, don’t appreciate spending good money after bad because somehow you again – or more likely still will – have wildlife conflicts! Old habits die hard, but what you don’t know as a consumer will be used to scare you into wasting your money, and possibly even be breaking the law.

Relocation as a “humane” option for resolving wildlife conflicts? Not at all.

Recent studies utilizing radio-collars have shown that relocated animals rarely survive more than two weeks. Dumped into unfamiliar territory, relocated animals are unable to successfully compete for food and shelter with the existing population of wildlife in that area.

As mentioned, nearly every raccoon found in Florida attics is a lactating female. Removing her means orphans are left behind to starve and die, resulting in horrible odors, flies and maggots.

Our mission is to prevent native wildlife from being injured, orphaned, relocated or euthanized by providing humane, effective solutions for homeowners and property managers.

We make it easier to resolve wildlife issues. Why?

Because what is best for wildlife is actually what is best for you, too!

“We highly recommend 411 Raccoon Solutions. After a mother raccoon was trapped last year by a conventional wildlife removal company (who, as soon as they were paid, took away the mother to “euthanize” or dump her in the woods–I’m not sure which), we heard her babies in the attic. It was impossible to find them; so we called a second company to cut open our walls and ceilings. It took four days to recover them and cost us four times the trapping fee. We later stopped our neighbor from making the same mistake by recommending 411 Raccoon Solutions. The first day on the job they (411 RS) got the mother and her babies out of the attic safely and sealed the hole properly. Their work was so much less traumatic for all! Why isn’t it REQUIRED by state wildlife law to manage ‘nuisance’ wildlife in this way? –Professor D.A. White, customer”

411 Raccoon Solutions educates our clients on the different humane techniques and methods we use. Prevent future wildlife conflicts with State-of-the-Art, 21st Century methods that few conventional professionals utilize. Our services are designed to completely resolve the problem at a lower price than conventional “trap & remove” practices which will not provide long term resolution for you. Please see our “FAQ’s” page for common questions and solutions.

Realize that you have much more than a “problem critter” or two – you are surrounded by wildlife as we all are. Spending hundreds of dollars of remove one or a few is not a solution. Think about it? There is no way to know if the animals trapped/killed are actually animals you even knew existed; there are always more than the ones you see! Putting bait in a trap DRAWS animals to your property, including ones that have never before even been near your property!

Removal of animals can cause rapid reproduction rates resulting in a higher population density… Yes, job security for those being continuously hired to remove animals. Yes, the counter-effect of what you paid for. If as we can see today – and have the science to prove – that this is utterly ineffective, WHY waste your money today?

For more information on what you should ask before hiring anyone to resolve your wildlife conflict, or attempting to on your own, please see this page: Choosing the right wildlife company 

Realtor, inspection/ restoration industry and Senior discounts gladly provided.

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