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What is all the buzz about “Eviction & Exclusion”?

Our company was founded out of a very, very sincere passion for customer service as much as for providing the best wildlife services available for both the consumer and our wildlife.

Many still believe that the knee-jerk reaction to seek conventional trapping and removing is the only solution – but it actually is not. In fact, conventional “trap & remove” methods are now scientifically proven to fail more often than not and also too often cause more problems for property owners. You absolutely do have better options! But you won’t likely hear about how Eviction & Exclusion can save you money except from companies like ours. Conventional operators may be aware of these specialized methods but most just aren’t there yet. It’s an “old dogs, new tricks” thing.

 “Trapping clearly does not work! We wasted enough money last year to know that is a fact! This company <411> explained why. Their knowledge is second to none, which is probably how the tech got the mother raccoon and offspring completely out of our attic the first night! No fuss, no stress, no harm and half the cost we spent on trapping last year! Their repair solution was much better too. Finally enjoying our first year intrusion free! ~ P.L.”

Fact: Florida residents rarely will have a raccoon in their home that is not a mother animal with offspring, or is about to give birth any moment. This means that when she is trapped and taken away there will be orphaned young left behind in your attic. The babies will slowly starve and die, infiltrating your home with horrendous odors, flies and maggots. We saw it happen to uninformed consumers every day; it’s why we do what we do today – for you.

If the babies are discovered while still alive it is now too late to reunite the family – a critical factor for best survival odds.  For a human to now retrieve the babies often means cutting holes inside your home’s walls and ceilings. Then comes hoping ALL babies were found. These distressed and dehydrated babies are dumped upon volunteer rehabilitators to raise for many months before being able to release back to the wild. In some states it is required to kill them.

The specialists at 411 Raccoon Solutions are exceptionally experienced in resolving wildlife intrusions utilizing 21st Century innovative methods combined with extensive hands-on knowledge of our urban wildlife species – and no company knows raccoons better than 411 Wildlife does!

Each and every wildlife conflict is as personal to us as it is to you.

That is why 411 Raccoon Solutions was created. We feel Consumers deserve the truth about the issues they face today. Consumers should be told what ALL their options are, they should not be made to feel more vulnerable and fear-mongered into knee-jerk reactions. It is not about your money with us; it’s about solving your conflict utilizing today’s research for the most effective, long term resolution.

Fact: Did you know that Florida has no requirement for licensing of “nuisance” wildlife trappers? Please shop wisely and know what you should ask before hiring a wildlife or pest control company.

Commercial and Realtor discounts are available. Seniors are always 50% off!

411 Raccoon Solutions accepts all major credit cards as well as conventional payment options.